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At Winning Edge, we pride ourselves on specialize in helping property owners, like yourself, here in the area accomplish their goal of selling for top dollar, within a time frame that fits their specific needs. Being that we have sold 100’s of lots and been apart of some of the largest sub-divisions in the area, you can say we specialize in this field. We can help property owners, just like yourself, develop the property to record plat, get in contact with potential developers or builders or simply sell it as-is to buyers looking to build their dream home or own their dream farm! The most important thing is figuring out what is most important to you so we can get you what you want, in the time you want!



The big question we get asked is "Grant Weston & Jim Bim. what is my property worth?" Finding the value of your lot / Farm is a bit of art and science. There are a lot of factors that go into it ranging from the number of lot(s) you have, are you at record plat or a raw piece of land, perc size / type, if the well is drilled, the view, can you get a walk out basement and much much more. This is where our experience of 100’s of lots sold comes into play. We will do a market analysis and get you a pin point number as to the value of the lot based on recent sales as well as what the finished home might be worth!!

On top of that we have great relationships with builders and developers of all sizes who, when we call, they answer, meet us at the lot, work out great terms and pay top dollar!!


It is critical when selling land to help the Buyer(s) or builder or developer see the future of what the finished product will look like. Here at Winning Edge we take pride in being able to meet prospective clients at the property and walk them though where the house would sit, the view and how they can tailor their dream plans to fit your property. We find that most of the time when we help a property owner sell that tried with another REALTOR prior to hiring us that the prior REALTOR never met the buyer(s) at the property, showed them the house location and never sold the dream. Selling land is about selling the vision and future!!

Client Success story

19538 Jerusalem Church Terrace - 2 lot Subdivision and a Home marketed as new construction possibility.

Mrs. Prather had worked with the local area “real estate specialist” for almost Eight years and could not sell her two lots and home all connected together. She had been trying to sell well before the covid related real estate market and even during the covid market before we took over the listing and sales process. In no time, we were able to find a buyer ourselves for Mrs. Prather’s first lot and got it sold! Shortly after the sale of the first lot, we then sold the second lot!” The last property we had to sell was her current residence and in order to do so, we had to find her a new home and find the right buyer for her property that would allow her to stay until she found her next home. Great news is we found her a home and was able to help her purchase it for market value at the time versus dramatically overpaying. We then were able to find the buyer ourselves again to purchase her property and allow her to stay until. She is currently living happily in her new townhome!!

We sell land as well as all types of real estate all across the state of Maryland, so if you are considering selling your property let us know and we would be honored to help! 

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