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To ensure the price of the home is accurate we use the Comparative Market Analysis plus other techniques to confirm our price is realistic. This is performed by looking at interest rates, financing, overall supply, and examining comparable markets.

Review the whole picture before focusing on the CMA.

The real-estate industry uses cutting-edge technology that is exceptionally effective at guiding buyers and sellers through the complex real estate market.  The conventional methods used to assist you in deciding the optimum price to sell your house cannot, however, be said to be equally efficient.


Using a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) "by itself" is hurting sellers' capacity to maximize the pricing of their home, however this pricing technique has been utilized for many many years.


The issue with a CMA is that it simply considers the sales of a limited sample of properties in your competitive range, without taking into account the factors that may have contributed to those properties selling at a particular price or not.  A misleading perception of value can be caused by a number of factors, including but not limited to a property's condition, job loss, underpriced interior, divorce circumstances, lack of curb appeal, vacant home, staging, foreclosure, and short sales, just to name a few.


Why does this matter?  The agent might use homes that sold for a lot lower than a home such as yours if they exclusively use the CMA to determine how much to price your house. Since the agent chooses the comparable properties, this could significantly skew the market data, costing you significant equity.


At Winning Edge, we employ a different technique to establish list price. We begin with a look at the housing market nationwide as well as locally.  We then examine interest rates, the accessibility of financing, and the overall amount of inventory as well as the projections and direction of the market.  The local market's overall state is then reviewed.  Further, we closely review the overall level of demand across all price points to identify any upward or downward trends. The homes that are comparable to your property are reviewed last. With this comprehensive strategy, your home will be valued correctly which, in the end, will cause your home to sell not only faster but also for more money!!!


By making your home stand out from the competition or by being different and unique from others, you can raise the overall worth of your house and at the same time, remember that unique does not always mean valuable.   One of the most crucial things you can do to get the most buyers interested in your house is to "stand out."   We differentiate ourselves from the typical real estate team in a number of ways, including but not limited to professional photography and videography, staging guidance and an active and aggressive marketing approach.

Four steps to achieving Top Dollar for your home.


Expert Staging Advice - In order to make your home seem its best while it is on the market, we will meet with you to decide what, if anything, needs upgrading. According to market research, staged homes may sell for up to 3-5 percent more than unstaged properties in as little as 14 days. (Staging is not required but in some cases is recommended.)


Upgrade Advice - We will suggest, if necessary, any potential upgrades in order to boost the worth of your home as much as possible. For any work needed to complete the recommended upgrades, we will work together with you to obtain the lowest price possible. Please understand that upgrading isn't always necessary to achieve the intended result. ONLY the updates that will generate you more money at the end of the sale will be our primary focus.


Professional Pre-Inspection - Before you put your home on the market, an inspection can reveal potential issues. You can save up to 40% on repairs by taking care of these issues before a sale.


High Quality Photos & Videography - 90% of the time, the first person to see your house will do it online and first impressions really do matter!  For this reason, utilizing images that showcase your home's best qualities is essential to your home sale success. The amount of showings a home receives is significantly influenced by the right angles, wide angle lenses, perfect lighting, and Photoshop Re-touch. Presenting differently from the competition is essential if you want to get the best price for your house.   Your expert Winning Edge Real Estate Professional knows exactly how to maximize uniqueness and take advantage of it to get you 5 to 10% more money for your home.

Client Success Story

3030 Jacobs Garden

Mrs. Paileen was working with a discounted agent for over Five months as she was in the process of moving to her new home in Frederick as she was selling her current property.  This was a major challenge and burden for her since she was now responsible for paying for Two home payments’. We had gotten together with her at 8pm one night and walked through her home and came up with a strategy to get her home sold in a timely manner so she was not forced to rent the home. For the Two weeks we were on the market it was all hands on deck. We made sure we took every action to get her home sold from calling the neighborhood. We door knocked and did an open house the second weekend. After the second weekend we found the buyer for her home ourselves and were able to have the home sold and settled, getting her more money in her pocket than she could not get for over Five months she was on the market. 




Massive exposure, which is based on the idea of standing out, aims to showcase the unique features your home has to the largest group of qualified buyers in your market location. We utilize all of the major online marketplaces, implement our own methods for finding potential buyers, and deploy expert copywriting techniques to entice people to see your home.

You could sell your home for the highest price by exposing it to the most qualified buyers. Utilizing the idea of standing out, Massive Exposure aims to showcase the unique features your home has to the most qualified buyers in your market location.


In the current market, traditional marketing techniques fall far short of giving your home the exposure it needs to draw in the greatest number of eligible buyers. You'll get the best offer for the highest price if there are the most qualified buyers viewing your property.


The typical real estate agent's tight financial resources are one reason why the traditional method is still in use today. However, we devote a sizable chunk of our budget to executing marketing campaigns that have been validated by market research. We have a higher income to devote to marketing your house so that it will receive the exposure it needs to fetch top dollar because we sell hundreds of homes.


We not only have more money to spend on promoting your home as widely as possible, but we also know more about where to promote it to provide you the exposure you require.


What we know:


90% of homebuyers search for a home online, and there are 900 million sites available.

How to obtain the most visits to our site to find your house by using the top 5 real estate websites, including, Yahoo Real Estate,, Trulia, and Zillow.


Since the first viewing of your home will be online, you should use professional photos while marketing it.

Professional copywriting techniques must strike the key points that compel buyers to visit your house.


The most effective strategies for identifying potential customers based on their demands for safety and security as well as their needs in terms of lifestyle, employment, family, and school.


How to keep records of all the leads and prospects we receive for your house and then deliver the data to you in a practical, organized, and significant way.



Responding quickly to lead inquiries helps you attract more purchasers for your house.  Which is why calls are directed specifically to the listing agent’s mobile phone as well as using our 1-800-Information Line.   This gets the buyer the information they want, instantly!!!


At the touch of a mouse, buyers can access a wealth of information on the properties they are interested in. They are also extremely selective and demand the most information in the shortest amount of time.


According to a recent study, agents typically have 15 minutes to react to a purchaser inquiry. The agent would have a 21 times lesser chance of working with the prospective buyer if they didn't do this


Our Immediate Response Systems are set up since we are aware of this and can reach out to potential customers in as little as 30 seconds (which is significantly shorter than the industry average of 16 hours).


We are aware that among all industries, real estate has one of the lowest levels of brand loyalty. As a result, we provide ourselves with the best buyer lead conversion, retention, technology, and marketing techniques available in the real estate market. With this effort, your house sells to a qualified buyer more rapidly than it would with almost any other agent in your area.


Our method for replying to and turning buyer leads into sales is as follows:

Immediate Response Systems with a connect rate 106 times higher than the typical agent's deliver a live response in 5 minutes or less, 16 hours per day, seven days per week.


An expertly trained sales team that is dedicated to and responsible for responding to a customer's inquiries.


All website traffic is directed through a single, effective lead management system by lead follow up tools.


Customer Loyalty Program. Our office receives more than 30% of its buyer business from previous clients and those in our sphere of influence.


Seller's Benefits:

Hundreds of potential customers join our customer family as a result of our lead response and conversion program.


We have knowledgeable lead managers that stay in touch with active buyers on a regular basis to show them the properties that fit their specifications.


With the use of this service, we can attract a large number of serious purchasers to view your home.




PROBLEM: A large number of websites provide practically infinite real estate listings, and the majority of U.S. homes now have access to the Internet. As a result, modern buyers largely rely on the Internet as their main source of knowledge and data regarding properties that are for sale. Few agents have the time, resources, or expertise to effectively use the Internet as a sales tool in the current real estate market, where thousands of sites are vying for visitors' attention.


SOLUTION: To attract a specific segment of the home-buying public and direct them to our listings, we have formed agreements with the greatest, most efficient websites.


Seller's Benefits:

Winning Edge Real Estate offers a variety of free reports to entice visitors to identify themselves as potential purchasers for our listings along with listings, market data, and associated information.


On countless websites, the world can see your house and then professional descriptions and high-quality images draw shoppers in.


Buyer's Benefits:

Our websites are known for being incredibly important providers of the free information that customers long for.


These websites enable customers to avoid dealing with agents directly while still obtaining information.

social media logos on a smartphone screen



Social Media


PROBLEM: There is a large audience of buyers who are influenced by social media. When homes are not strategically placed in front of this audience, exposure for your home decreases dramatically.


SOLUTION: By focusing on potential home buyers across all major social media platforms, we increase the visibility of your house by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and a number of other platforms fall under this category. In actuality, these methods are used to sell a large number of the homes that we market each year.



We understand the value of social media and have a strategy to sell your home using the most agents possible. We specifically target websites like MLS, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Instagram to improve your home's visibility. Additionally, we are aware that cooperative REALTORS assist in the sale of 70% of homes. Because of this, we have devised a plan that concentrates on luring buyers who are actively searching for properties like yours.

To improve the number of buyers coming to your home, target agents in your neighborhood.


Any market has three different categories of customers. The first group consists of "local buyers" who browse social media, the Internet, and localities. Then there are "out-of-town buyers," who often look for homes online. "Buyers under the guidance of other agents" are the last group. There must be a strategy for enticing the most agents in order to connect with these buyers.


We have a time tested strategy for selling your house that makes the most use of as many other agents as possible since we understand how important it is to collaborate with other agents in our local market as well as agents who are outside of our local market.


Many home sellers mistakenly believe that in order to sell their property, they must engage with the self-described “neighborhood-expert” or an agent who is only local-focused.   In reality, cooperative agents sell from 70% to over 90% of all houses.  In other words, your chances of having a buyer for your home come from your agent are less than 30%.  As you recognize, in order to capture all of the buyers in the market, expanding your home to all agents is critical and providing them with red carpet treatment encourages them to want to show and more importantly sell properties that are listed for sale with Winning Edge Real Estate.


We specifically target buyer specialists in our market to maximize showings from co-op agents. As a result, your home receives more showing requests from them, has a higher ranking among all buyer specialists, and has a wider audience and visibility.


We also ensure that co-op agents receive an above market share of the agreed-upon commission, again to encourage them to show and sell Winning Edge Properties. This not only makes buyer specialists enthusiastic about your house but also encourages them to "sell" it to prospective buyers. By doing this, you put your house in front of the more powerful agents in our market.


Without concentrating on the buyer specialists who work with these qualified buyers, you may lose thousands of dollars in equity and spend weeks or even months on the market if you market straight to the market's buyer population.


The MLS and Board of Realtors, is a networking environment, providing your house widespread exposure to all the real estate agents in the community. This extensive exposure guarantees that your home will be made known to any prospective buyers using an agency.



CHALLENGE : The majority of real estate agents will install a sign in front of your house, list it on the Multiple Listing Service, and then wait to see what happens. When nothing transpires, the agent frequently only requests a price reduction. Disappointed and perplexed, the sellers wonder why their house hasn't sold.


SOLUTION : Our staff keeps a close eye on all showings at your house. After every performance, we check in and identify three things. First, we seek input on the buyer's and agent's impressions of the home's presentation and suggestions for improving it. Next, we find out if the buyer bought a different house and why they did so as opposed to yours. Finally, we hear from buyers regarding the list pricing.


SELLER BENEFITS : You are continuously informed of the buyer's impression of your house.  What can be done to increase showings is easy to pinpoint.  Monitoring the sales process is simple.




CHALLENGE:  Agents must sift through hundreds of properties to discover the ideal one for the client they are representing.


SOLUTION: We actively go out to buyer agents at various firms to locate those who are searching for properties similar to yours.


SELLER BENEFITS : Not awaiting realtors to discover your house on the MLS.


BUYER BENEFITS :  Agents can find the perfect house for buying more quickly.



Full-time professionals with training make up our staff. A thorough job description and daily schedule are provided to each team member. Imagine working with a team of 15 qualified individuals to sell your house. This entails rapid responses to customer inquiries, prompt client responses, and ongoing marketing initiatives. To get you the maximum price for your house in the shortest amount of time, every step of the listing and selling process has been documented and improved.

Other trusted professionals like, your Doctor, Attorney and CPA all have extra employees on hand to handle your needs more quickly. Your realtor should be doing the same, wouldn’t you agree?


We collaborate with a group of knowledgeable experts to support your sale from start to finish. In order to sell your home quickly and profitably, we have mechanisms as well as time tested strategies and systems in place to ensure specialist service you in every area of the transaction.


Our mission is simple. You shouldn't have to wait for anything.  We want to keep you informed every step of the way and let you know what is coming before you think to ask.


Our Team, which strives to offer the best level of service, comprises of:


Market Research Team - The optimum price for your house will be determined by a market research team using the necessary tools to examine all relevant data and do trend analysis outside of what is provided in the MLS.

Pre-Listing Team - A professional staging team, pre-inspection team, and home remodeling team make up the pre-listing team. To guarantee the lowest price, we regularly update our pricing sheets and vendor list.

Marketing Team - An outstanding marketing team that manages your listing with great professionalism. A listing and marketing coordinator together with the necessary lead and showing management systems make up this team. The hallmark of this position is constant client feedback and contact.

Closing Team - The closing team makes closing efficient. We have procedures in place to handle all parties involved in the closing process and guarantee that all tasks are carried out in accordance with the contract.

One individual cannot run a truly successful business on Earth, and the real estate company you hire is no exception. To meet your demands at every stage, we employ tried-and-true procedures.


Don't leave selling a home up to chance, if you want to get the most money, your Winning Edge Team can deliver outstanding results as an outcome of the strategies that have been demonstrated, tried, and measured.


Listing Managers - Effective communication is the first step in providing excellent customer service. Every week, our listing coordinator speaks with you to make sure you are informed about any showings that have occurred at your property. Additionally, the effectiveness of your personalized marketing strategy will be monitored and adjusted as necessary in order to sell your house more quickly and for a higher price.


Closing Managers - When it comes to managing escrows, the phrase "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" stands true. Each and every escrow is overseen by our professional and registered team to ensure a seamless sale. Assuring that contractual deadlines for appraisals, inspections, and loan paperwork are met, our staff will keep in constant contact with lenders. Our team is accessible to answer your inquiries and will keep you informed about your escrow.


Marketing Department - A full-time specialist is necessary to provide a personalized marketing strategy. This expert knows how to get the most potential buyers interested in your house. Every month, fresh suggestions for boosting buyer interest in your home are made. These fresh concepts are turned into projects with a due date for completion. As we promote your house, we welcome your input.


Listing Specialist - You want an agent that is well-versed in the market while selling your home. For years, our team has sold houses for the greatest price, in the shortest time, and with the fewest hassles. We provide a full-time listing specialist in order to get the outcomes sellers desire. This expert is capable of taking your unique home and creating a plan that will increase its sale price in a time frame that suits you.


Buyer Specialists - You must be accessible if you want to offer them the best possible service and value. Our buyer specialists' sole responsibility is to present our purchasers the best home currently on the market. Due to their modest workloads, our staff of buyer specialists is able to work with buyers swiftly. This distinctive quality distinguishes our team.

348 Beaghan Dr

The Merryman’s had a dream and a goal to move to West Virginia so they can enjoy their retirement. The first step was they had to sell their home to be able to buy a home. In addition to selling, they needed time in order to find their next home. They had listed first with a discount broker that could not sell the home for over a month. No offers, little showings and no communication during the great covid related market we were in at the peak in January 2022. We were put to work shortly after they removed the home from the market and in no time at all we had showings and interest at the same price! Better yet, with our marketing strategy, we were able to find the buyer ourselves for the home before it went on the market and had it under contract on the first day for above top dollar and giving the sellers an extended post settlement occupancy to find the right home for them in West Virginia! By the time we were done with the transaction, the sellers were handed a check at settlement for more money than they could not get with the local discount broker. They have now found the right home in West Virginia and enjoying retirement to the fullest!

Winning Edge Marketing Plan of Action


1 - Your Home Must Stand Out From the Crowd

There is a major difference in our exclusive marketing plan of action that has been developed over the past 40 years of Jim Bim selling homes and land in the Maryland Area compared to other recycled marketing techniques.   Technology, advertising, marketing and promotion continue to change and evolve and your Winning Edge Sales Team of Grant, Weston & Jim Bim are committed to promoting your property using cutting edge techniques backed by Real Results and a proven track record that is back up by an unmatched work ethic. 92% of Buyers are online, we will make sure if they are looking, they will see it!!


2 - Social Media Marketing

Engage buyers and brokers to spotlight your home in real-time with targeted advertising across Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Advertising multiple custom advertisements are built exclusively for your home and optimized throughout the listing for the best performance and farthest reach.

A white kitchen with a stove and a sink. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

3 - Maximize the value of your home with Winning Edge VIP Concierge Service

Winning Edge Concierge is the hassle-free way to sell your home faster and for a higher price.   We take care of helping you put your best foot forward.


4 - Enhanced on Line Promotion … Zillow & Trulia Advertising

Winning Edge Real Estate provides new listings with maximum exposure on both and to offer premium advertising and positioning on the two most searched real estate websites in the world. We promote your property on Zillow and Trulia to offer your home better positioning on buyer web searches on the top searched real estate websites and apps.Advertisements for your home are uniquely targeted to the most likely purchasers for your home with local, national, and international reach.


Increased Exposure – 

One of the biggest challenges that sellers face is marketing their listings to a wide audience.  Some agents still utilize old tactics to advertise.   At Winning Edge we increase your exposure with organic content on all of the top real estate platforms including Zillow, Trulia,, and many others!


Generate Buzz

Yes, content matters but your homes shouldn’t be just a wall of words.  Mix it up a little. Add photos and videos on top of paid advertising.  Varied content is easier to digest and appeals to the various ways people learn and absorb web-based content – 

Get Active in the Market

Strategizing with Winning Edge to advertise your listing will ensure that not a step is missed when penetrating the real estate market.


Interested in Learning More ???

Talk to a Winning Edge Agent about marketing and promoting your home for sale so that you can obtain top dollar in a reasonable amount of time!

5 - Photography

Your showings often appear online as a first site for buyers. They then decide whether to view your home or skip viewing your home. Professional photography from The Winning Edge Showcases a home's features like no other!

0 1 2 3

6 - Videography

The Winning Edge invests in the area's premier and most respected professional videography company to capture your home's finest selling points!

7 - Staging Services

Create more interest and showings using professionally designed staging.

What we offer:

  • Less is more, we have found that an empty home is a bigger home, is a brighter home is a more expensive home!!!!
  • Free Virtual Staging Consultations
  • Free Virtual Staging For Vacant Homes
  • Grant, Weston, Jim Bim and/or one of our Home stagers can rearrange what you have, add to it, or even lease furniture and decor until the home is sold

8 - Print Materials

Every single marketing piece — from our brochures to custom bound booklets creates a cohesive story around your property and elevates it to luxury status. Print marketing will be available to buyers showcasing your home's features and photography.


Every single marketing piece from our brochures to custom bonded booklets creates a cohesive story around your property and elevates it to luxury status regardless of the price range.  Print marketing will be available to buyers showcasing your home's features and photography.


9 - Active marketing

Most real estate agents simply wait passively for a buyer to find your home… Not here at Winning Edge. Since 1984 we have taken a different approach to marketing your home and finding a buyer for your property vs waiting for them to show up! Grant, Weston and Jim Bim are collectively prospecting 12 to 18 hours five to six days a week in order to seek out and find the best buyer for your home.  Any agent can find a buyer but only with active and aggressive actions can the best buyer who will pay the most amount of money for your home be found.   At Winning Edge, we implement an active prospecting strategy and this will expose your home to over 4500 past clients and customers, current sellers who will turn into buyers once their home sells, as well as neighboring property owners who have friends and family who would like to live in your home!

618 Traveller Ct

Senator Ferguson had attempted to sell his home for almost eight months with the local discount agent and was unable to sell the home, nor generate any interest. Their goal and dream was to be able to sell and downsize in southern Maryland. We were put to work in 2020 while the world was still shut down and before the covid related real estate market started. We thought the home would sell for one price, but during our pre-marketing and strategies we take to market the home before it is active for sale, we discovered a market of buyers who wanted the home and were willing to pay dramatically more for it than we anticipated. As a result, we had 3 offers on the home in a weekend. On top of this, we were able to negotiate with the buyer and help sell a majority of the furniture in the home to the buyers! Senator Ferguson is now enjoying life in southern Maryland running his own company again.


10 - Reverse Prospecting

A feature Of Winning Edge’s proprietary technology allows us to cross market your property to buyers who have expressed interest in similar types Of property and by marketing your home directly to these buyers.


11 – Cooperating Brokers

One of the most important services Winning Edge can provide to you is having a strong, positive relationship with other agents and brokers within the real estate community so that they seek out home listed with Grant, Weston & Jim Bim because those agents know that we number one treat them fairly and honestly, number two we respond to them quickly and timely and number three we roll out the red carpet for them when the have a home under contract with Winning Edge by having our staff take on the task of processing the transaction for them from beginning to end.    We literally take over their job so that we know it is done right and the cooperating agent can relax knowing that we are on the case!


12 – Email marketing

Communication plays a critical role in the swift and successful sale of your home. The Winning Edge pairs well-designed email design With data-driven targeting to ensure your listing arrives in precisely the right hands.


13 – National and International Clients

Many homes sold in the Baltimore Washington Area are from buyers who originate from all over the United States of American as well from the rest of the World. Promoting your property on Workplace @ Winning Edge we leverage thousands of brokers and agents throughout the US as well as internationally working with buyers and sellers who will turn into buyers once their home sells.


14 - European Marketing

Our exclusive alliance with a European Vacation Rental Company means your home will be featured with in-home marketing throughout European Vacation Rentals reaching buyers while they are in town ready to buy.


15 - Bridge Loan Services

Creating new buyers for your home.

Tap into an exciting new pool of buyers when you work with Grant, Weston & Jim Bim.   Our exclusive Bridge Loan Services give homeowners the purchasing power to make an offer on a new home without waiting to sell their existing one. That means we can help access buyers who are ready and able to move quickly when they see a house for sale and now can be non-contingent upon a home sale!

How does it work?


Your Winning Edge Team shares your home listing with prospective buyers, who can take advantage of our Winning Edge Bridge Loan Services to put a down payment on your home, prior to selling their existing one.


With more prospective buyers, we can position your home to sell faster and for more money.


  • An easy solution to bridge the gap between the home you have and the home you want!!!


  • Our exclusive Bridge Loan services gives you the financial flexibility to make an offer on your next home without waiting for your current one to sell


  • Bridge Loan Services provides you access to competitive rates and dedicated support from industry-leading lenders, along with the exclusive bridge loan advance option, preceded by notable, to get you to 6 months of your loan payments fronted when you sell your current home with your Winning Edge Agent.


  • Get Started Now

16 - Backed by a Family Owned & Operated Real Estate Brokerage on a Mission

Winning Edge – This is a Family Legacy 

It all started with Florie Bimestefer, Jim Bim’s Mom and Grandmother to Grant & Weston.   Back in 1978 Florie began her real estate career.   Then in 1983 Florie introduced Real Estate to Jim and together they worked under the tutelage of one of the area’s top brokers, Jimmy Adair of Re/Max REALTORS.   Then in 1987 Jim was mentored by renowned local land developer Richard Demitt of Highland Land Development and Jim Potts of Potts Construction who is well known for quality and craftsmanship.  Through these four outstanding examples, Jim Bim was given the solid foundation to build a career upon.

In 1989, Jim was introduced to world renowned Real Estate educator and trainer Mike Ferry.   Since then Jim Bim has been an avid follower of Mike’s teaching and training and has been involved in his coaching program for over 20 years.


In 2002 before her passing Florie Bimestefer founded Winning Edge with her son Jim Bim.


In 2019 after graduating from High Point University with Honors, Grant joined Jim full time at Winning Edge.  Since then Grant has been the rookie of the year!  And assisted approximately 50 buyers and sellers every year since accomplishing their goal of buying or selling a home all while receiving raving reviews for his service.


In 2020 after graduating from Hood College and then going on to obtain a master’s degree in business & computer analytics at Lenoir Rhyne University in Hickory North Carolina, Weston joined Jim and Grant full time at Winning Edge.


Here at Winning Edge we pride ourselves on helping you get what you want, in the time you want all while keeping you informed every step of the way… before, during and after your property has sold and settled … we are here to be your realtors for life!!

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