One of the biggest questions we get asked is, “what is my home worth?” Gant, Weston and/or Jim Bim will provide to you a hardcopy and/or an electronic copy of a market analysis showing recent sales so you have a firm idea as to your properties value. To make it more accurate Grant, Weston and/or Jim Bim can walk through the property to have a  better idea as to the value.


When you Follow the Winning Edge Marketing Strategy, our Winning Edge Team is so very certain that we can help you be successful in the sale of your home, that we offer the following two programs to prove our commitment to your success

Thirty-Three or It’s Free Guarantee


Equity Advance Program

  • $1,000 Cash If we Do Not Sell Your Home

  • ​​​​​​​Home Sale Guarantee

Cancel Any Time Commitment

When you Follow the Winning Edge Marketing Strategy, our Winning Edge Team is so very certain that we can help you be successful in the sale of your home, that we offer the following two programs to prove our commitment to your success
Thirty-Three or It’s Free Guarantee
$1,000 Cash If we Do Not Sell Your Home
Equity Advance Program
Home Sale Guarantee
Cancel Any Time Commitment


Navigating the task of an estate liquation or decluttering your home to prepare it for sale can be a very stressful and emotional task.  Fortunately, and unfortunately, Winning Edge Real Estate, and their time-tested vendors, specialize in helping their client(s) from beginning-to-end with a very hands-on approach to take the stress off their client’s shoulders. 

To make sure we are leaving no stone left unturned & maximizing the funds for our client(s), below are the steps we follow:
1. Walk through the property with client(s) to identify the condition of the home, contents inside and create a custom gameplan for you.
2. Family member(s) take as much time as needed to remove their personal items.

• Ask about our preferred movers / packers / storage companies.
3. Once all personal items are removed, Grant, Weston and/or Jim Bim will meet our trusted Consignor(s) to help sell:
  • Furniture
  • Cars
  • Guns / collectibles 
  • sports memorabilia
  • Vintage Collectibles
  • Tools
  • Artwork
  • Miscellaneous nick-nacks
  • Wine / Alcohol
  • Everything else you can imagine
4. Sell remaining items of value on Websites such as Facebook marketplace, LetGo, Etc…
5. Donate what we cannot sell.
• Winning Edge has trusted Charities they have worked with for 30+ years who will come to the property and remove as much, or as little, as you wish.
• It is better to Have someone remove items for free vs. pay someone to remove.
Before anything is ever sold or donated, Winning Edge Will confirm with you the item being sold or donated, price and when it is scheduled to be removed.
6. Whatever we cannot Sell or Donate we will have one of our preferred vendors give estimates to remove the remaining items within and outside of the home.
7. If the client(s) wish We also have Great auction companies that we work with who can host an estate sale … This has a fee but can speed the process up and the quotes are free.
8. If our Client(s) would like to invest in the property then we will managing getting our time tested contractors over to get Bid(s) on the item(s) that will provide you the Best Return on Your investment ( ROI ) and Manage the work being done so you don’t have to worry about it:
  • Paint
  • Eye sores ( hole in walls, old water leaks that have been fixed, etc… )
  • Carpet / flooring
  • Landscaping / curb appeal
Grant, Weston and/or Jim Bim will be at the house constantly meeting and Managing the vendors … We constantly give updates and send progress photos so you are kept up to date every step of the way… nothing is done without your approval!!
Our job is to move as quickly, or as slowly, as you wish. At the end of the day, We want to remove the stress from your shoulders and make this as smooth as it possibly can be.

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With this unique program Winning Edge can set you up with a great lender who can help you use the equity in your property to purchase your next property. This way you can find, buy and move into the next home of your dreams and then take the time to sell your previous home. We find this allows our sellers to not only get a great buy non-contingent, but also allows them to maximize the value in their previous home sale.


Feel like you need to do updates in your home or need repairs done before or after the home inspection? The Helping hand program is for you!! With this Program Winning Edge will front the money and simply get reimbursed at settlement. No extra charge or interest to you, unlike some companies. The goal is to help you maximize the value of your home!!

**Special stipulations do apply**



As a thank you to our family, friends, past and current clients we provide to you a VIP card which gives you full access to our time tested venders as well as lists of other companies in the area and nation-wide that provide discounts to you!!


As a thank you to our family, friends, past and current clients we provide to you with a monthly email and a quarterly ( every 3 months ) mailer which provides some useful information about the market as well as some interesting articles pertaining to just about everything. Do you or someone you know have a company you want to promote? We can include a free advertisement which goes out to over 4,000 friends, family, past and current clients!



The Sell Now & Move Later program is a solution for those that are considering selling your home but are concerned about selling your home before locating the next home first. By utilizing this program, you can sell your home now but not have to close or even move until you find the ideal home to purchase.

**Restrictions apply.**


The Right home is out there, we will help you find it. Here at Winning Edge we will work diligently to ensure that we help you find the right Home… not a house!



Here at Winning Edge we do not believe in keep people in an agreement if they do not want to be one in. Our contracts are day to day, that way our feet are to the fire. If you are not happy and we cannot make you happy then we believe you ought to be able to withdraw at anytime.


One of the best feelings in the world is helping others. By Choosing Grant, Weston and Jim Bim with Winning Edge not only are you getting a great family to assist you to accomplish your goal, but you are also helping others in the community and through-out the world.



We are proud to support our military members and their families. As Maryland is home to Fort Meade, Fort Detrick, Joint Base Andrews, and other military bases, we specialize in military relocation. Contact us to find out more about our services to military members and ask about our “Thank You to Military & First Responder Families” exclusive Home Rebate Program. This program is just a small way that we try to show our appreciation for serving our country.

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